About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

First off, I thought you’d like to know a little bit about me. My name is Lisa “The Typhoon” Twinley, but don’t let the name Typhoon scare you, I am by no means a professional athlete, or a professional boxer for that matter.  In January 2016 I took up boxing – it took me a few years to work up to it to be fair.  I had always wanted to take part in a White Collar Boxing Event so, after plucking up the courage, I finally registered my interest for a WCB fight and was picked as a reserve boxer. I started training and oh my… that was a shock to the system – I still hate burpees!!   Fast forward 2.5years and I am now known as Typhoon – undefeated 2 for 2!

I now box for fitness (I am still chasing September 2016 when I was the fittest I had ever been in the lead up to my first fight) but mainly for fun.  Who’d have thought being hit would be fun aye, and having to throw a punch is the worst (despite being an Essex Girl – well it’s going to come out sooner or later ;o). To set the record straight, I have never thrown a punch outside the gym and in the ring I still apologize to the girl opposite me when I throw a right hook!

So why write a blog? Well ever since my first fight I am fortunate to have found a second home called Impakt MMA, a mixed martial arts gym in Central.  My trainers are like my big brothers and the gym is my sanctuary, the place I go to de-stress and unwind.  In a busy city like Hong Kong, I find it’s the perfect medicine and I want this for more women.  Hopefully through this blog I can encourage more women to get into boxing as a sport, for fitness, or purely to de-stress (those punching bags can turn into anyone you want!).   Not for the faint at heart, this could then in turn lead to more women boxing competitively – we especially need more 70kg + women to get into the ring.  You will be surprised how tiny and fierce some of the ladies are who compete….I, however, am not.

As I said, although I have a home, we are lucky to have lots of great boxing gyms across Hong Kong.  I am going to be doing the hard work for you and check them out and report back.  Watch me get sweaty for you and hopefully enjoy myself along the way. There are lots of articles on gyms in Hong Kong, however I feel they are all very factual – nothing you can’t read about on the gym’s website, which, let’s face it are fairly generic.  I want to get down and sweaty in the boxing ring.  I plan to visit as many gyms as possible and take part in their group classes and personal training sessions.  I hope to be able to talk to trainers and other females who train there to really give you a sense of what the gym is all about and why you should go there.

Typhoon Twinley