Strike First (Liv Article July 2018)

Hello!  This is a copy of the article I wrote for Liv. Mag….  my words in print!  Who would have thought it!! ha

Pick up a copy of the mag – it is packed full of great info on fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, travel etc.  But first turn to page 30!!

After signing up for a and competing in a White Collar Boxing tournament in 2016, Lisa “The Typhoon” Twinley was officially bitten by the boxing bug, and now wants to see more women taking up the sport for fun and fitness.

Thanks in part to the annual White Collar Boxing and Club Fight Night boxing tournaments, boxing has seen a huge surge in interest in recent years.  But while it remains (for now) a male-dominated sport, I’m here to tell you that while boxing is tough it’s also hugely empowering and a ton of fun.  While it can be intimidating to step into a male-dominated space and pulling on a pair of gloves, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a supportive, welcoming environment where you can learn skills, punch out some stress and get fighting fit at the same time.  Here are a few gyms offering boxing classes around town.

Impakt MMA – QRC, Central

The Gym:  Impakt MMA is owned and run by Alain “The Panther” Ngalani; 4 x World Kickboxing Champion and One FC MMA fighter.
The Classes: With morning bootcamps, evening boxing and a range of classes during the day covering everything from weight training, HIIT sessions and all MMA techniques encompassing an all round hardcore workout designed for all levels.
The Boxing:  I would recommend opting for a PT session.  The trainers will walk you through techniques and ensure you are learning the science of boxing, all while getting sweaty and having lots of fun.
The Trainers:  Kev Reed is one of the most motivating trainers I have come across.  He will not only get your fighting fit, but mentally focused as well.
Highlights:  Wednesday bootcamp is the perfect mixture of kettlebell swings followed by enough time to imagine the punching bag is Kev so you can take out your aggression for making you do that last Tabata set.
Friendly Advice:  Don’t expect a blow dying station, however the changing rooms are perfectly formed to get in and get out.
Cost:  $200 drop in, membership $1,099 per month (summer special)


 Coach Kev putting me through my paces @ Impakt MMA


Warrior Hong Kong, Fortress Hill

The Gym:  Previously known as Warrior Muay Thai, their vision is to raise the standard of boxing in Hong Kong and they have invested heavily into their boxing program.  They even have fighters on track for the Olympics!
The Classes:  I recommend taking their fundamentals class; great for beginners or for those who want to sharpen their boxing moves.  Also try out the Boxing and Drills class. Great for focusing on building combinations and different drills, all while raising the heart rate.
The Boxing: Fully equipped with multiple punching bags there is plenty of space to learn some grueling combinations – it’s just you and that bag, which, in my opinion, is the perfect way to de-stress.
The Trainers:  Jonathan Fung worked me hard, his personal style is movement based, teaching strong fundamentals at the same time “sprinkling a little bit of magic on top”.
Highlights:  For those a little more serious, you can get in the ring under the careful eye of Coach O.  I had the pleasure of going up against a couple of boys and they had the pleasure of feeling my right hook!
Friendly Advice:  Arrive a little early for a stretch, there wasn’t a lot of focus on this at the beginning of the sessions.
Cost:  Drop in $250, monthly membership $1,900


Warrior HK
Coach O @ Warrior Hong Kong 


Warrior Academy, Sai Ying Pun

 The Gym:  An all-inclusive gym offering mixed martial arts (including a first class wrestling program) and a Lean & Mean program for those focused on S&C / body transformations.
The Classes:  With two schedules running in parallel you can focus on S&C or MMA Classes.  Starting from 6.30am for the early birds and continuing throughout the day and evening.  The strong(wo)man classes are a great addition to supplement your boxing training.
The Boxing:  I really enjoyed the style of boxing at Warrior.  It wasn’t just about hitting pads but focusing on the fundamentals such as footwork and moving your head.
The Trainers:  Matt and Bernard highlighted to me why training with different coaches is so beneficial.  Their use of analogies to help hone a skill was a real eye opener – even after 2 years, I’m still learning!
Highlights:  With a large female membership base, you will not feel intimated getting stuck in and throwing some punches.
Friendly Advice:  Book your class in advance as classes may be cancelled if there aren’t enough people booked in.
Cost: Drop in $250.  Contact them for more packages


Warrior Academy
Group Boxing class @ Warrior Academy



The Studio by JAB – QRC, Central

The Gym: Offering a wide range of services you can get fit, change your lifestyle and learn a combat sport all under one roof.
The Classes:  The classes were well structured, starting with a traditional boxing warm-up – learn to skip is all I can say!  The cardio focused sessions were a killer, then the technique sessions burned those muscles – muscle memory is all about repeat, repeat, repeat.
The Boxing:  The boxing schedule is the best in town offering the opportunity to box twice a day if you wish.  Keeping things varied with boxing fitness, technique and the opportunity to spar, everyone is catered for enabling you to develop and maintain a solid fitness foundation.
The Trainers:  Jordan and Ibrahim both have their own unique styles when training.  I would recommend training with both of them and seeing which style suits you.
Highlights:  There is a real community feel to this gym. They ensure that you have fun and make new friends whilst getting your sweat on.
Friendly Advice:  They don’t have a ring, which is a shame for those wanting to spar and get used to the space within a ring.  *although while the article was going to print, I found out that they have a makeshift ring they put up – which does the job perfectly!  Soz!
Cost:  Drop in $300; package of 10 – $2,750 (this gets cheaper the more you buy and valid for a year)


Coach Ibrahim @ Studio Jab 


The Fighters Club, Wan Chai

The Gym:  This gym is unique in the sense that they only provides one-on-one training.  Meaning you get tailor-made training based on your individual goals using a systematic break-down of techniques and fighting strategies to suit both beginners and advanced fighters.
The Boxing:  I trained with Bryan, he certainly put me through my paces in the initial warm-up.  We focused on improving my speed in combinations and he showed me techniques I had not used before.  My hour was a total body workout with “breaks” that consisted of push-ups, burpees and sit-ups.
The Trainers:  Bryan has had a lot of success by using boxing as a fun and interactive way to keep women engaged and coming back for more.
Highlights:  It’s all about you, all the time!  I was given a very considered, personalised short and long term plan from my PT.
Friendly Advice:  Not suitable for those wanting to fade into the background in a group class.
Cost:  one-on-one training is $750 per hour


FC Gym
The Fighters Club



Hope you enjoyed the reviews and you are tempted to try out one of the above gyms over the summer.  I will post more depth reviews of each gym, including interviews with some of the trainers and female boxers who attend those gyms to follow…

Thanks for reading!

Typhoon Twinley

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